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[04 Jun 2010|05:06pm]
Pamela: we are finished... and going to bed soon!!! we just had Chinese food... got up at 4:30

Me: hahaha its 6 oclock there??

Pamela: right

facebook chatting with mom is the best!

going to halifax this weekend suckerrrrs! i am expecting a great deal of hugs from the dog. also craigs brother is going to come pick me up for lunch which is cute.

Me: well im sure there are book stores in lunenburg or halifax

Pamela: must go to the bathroom.... bye

ahhhhaha im dying.

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[08 May 2010|12:40pm]
some things:

-whoever wiped their orange food-dusty hands on the side of my couch, wtf? i would have gotten you a napkin! there were straight up orange hand-swipe prints all over the side of my grey couch.

-i think i may have hurt my leg this morning doing the pussycat dolls video workout dvd. additionally as much as robin anton tells me at every step that i am just like a pussycat doll, i am unconvinced.

-tonight is DATE NIGHT and will include but is not limited to mongolian village for dinner and trips to shop for a new screwdriver set.

-i'm flying out to see my parents in halifax for 3 days in june because god knows that will be plenty of time to be in close contact with my family, but the dog is coming too so at least there is that.

-craig and i saw iron man 2 last night and i still love pepper pots but i dont think scarlett johannson is entirely believable as a genius double agent.

-i had my hospital appointment where the bone doctor told me that my pinky is healing nicely, and then proceeded to bang it really hard on the dryer. it looks wonkier than ever.

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[03 May 2010|04:50pm]

did YOUR boyfriend win tickets for you to see stars?

NOPE. mine loves me the most.

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[05 Feb 2010|07:14pm]
tomorrow i'm a quarter of a century old.

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[06 Jan 2010|07:35pm]
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my life is the best.

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